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Who doesn't take a little journey when you taste your favorite yogurt?


Lauren Magenta of Magenta Media and I collaborated for our second project together to take the Fage Split Cup into the minds of vacationers everywhere. Fage's flavors and authenticity are absolutely notable, but they are the secondary characters in this piece.  Fage's practicality (portable and vacation-ready packaging) is made for a little travel and pampering.  We wanted the viewer to remember the whimsy and relaxation of sunrise to sunset on a boat with their favorite yogurt. 


The animation has a homemade feel with collage style elements.  We wanted the boat to feel a little idealistic in the viewers' minds, on a journey you would imagine while staring at the ocean.

motion design is A deliberate process of layering. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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