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First a Video Editor. Now I move pixels as a Motion Designer, in addition to editing.


Motion Design started out as an experiment for me — could I learn After Effects for fun? WOW this is tough but yes, FUN — and that experiment has blossomed into something I’m very much driven to do. I love the subtlety of good animation, which is really about settling into your instincts and fine-tuning them as much as possible. I'm always working to build the animation that is interesting, drawing the viewer's eye in a with animation as a tool to create excitement and deep feeling.


I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some hard working producers, exciting brands, and fascinating artists — Fage, Max/Discovery, the Mo Willems Workshop to name a few. It’s been a pleasure to craft their stories visually, whether I am working with existing assets or illustrating and animating from concept to delivery. I'm eager to see where this takes me.

Here's what you're getting when you're working with me: I pay attention to the needs of the client.  Strong results are built from strong listening skills, and that's really the basis of collaboration.  I have a number of systems in place to remain organized and follow a structure to the work, and while "productivity tools" perhaps have a bad wrap these days, I know which ones work best for me. A few of my favorites: Notion,, and an old-fashioned timer. As for my animation, I am always asking: what would be more interesting to the eye? This question is a delicate one; it's tempting to add more visual elements, but often the answer is to create a bit more anticipation and tension to draw focus to the product.

Prior to my motion design career (which I mentioned blossomed out of being an assistant editor), I was an actor who supported myself by working in finance. And yes, what a strange brew that was...however, I've drawn on both experiences in different ways as a motion designer. The methodic nature of working on a team in a high pressure environment during the day, and then fully immersing myself in the visceral nature of performance — those experiences are deep layers within my foundation as a designer.

I have many goals for my career which I'll gladly list for you and bend your ear, and many of them involve a little genre-blending and theatricality. My immediate sights are set for broadcast and beauty brands.  When I am not adjusting bezier handles, I also edit podcasts, actor reels, and dabble in a little hand-lettering and embroidery (a novice).  Oh - and gardening! A great way to clear my head, and I never tire of it. 


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