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About Lindsey

in a nutshell

I grew up primarily in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We were a family of northerners, having transferred from "perfect Pittsburgh" at a young age (when moving south wasn’t yet trendy).  My mother says "you couldn’t find good corned beef anywhere", but what is good corned beef?  I loved school, but I loved music and storytelling more.  I graduated from Duke University and studied overseas in London and Florence. I really, REALLY did not want to come back from either city, mind you. The most important immersive artistic experience of my life was at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center's NTI, the true jewel of my creative influences. 


As a "grown-up", I continued to do theater, as a performer, in production, and on staff in a few non-profit theaters in New York and Chicago. The “hang” with theater folks is as heart-warming as people say it is.  No one is more welcoming and celebratory of your singularity than your theater friends.  Jack MacCarthy's The Foreplay Play and Mrs. Mayfield were two immersive shows I had the privilege of being weird in.


Performing was my main focus for a long time and I had the privilege of doing some really fantastic things for the love of theater, but ultimately I decided to pivot. Hello, video editing – where I could layer all the various kinds of storytelling I had dabbled in since childhood.  And the story you edit really is another story altogether.  As for motion design, it started out as an experiment that has blossomed into something I’m very much driven to do.  It’s complex, essential to storytelling nowadays, and as much about "play" as anything else.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some fascinating artists and business owners and it’s been a pleasure to craft their stories visually.

I live in Jersey City with husband and my two-year-old son, Mac.  We love the beach, playing in the dirt, Italian food, and going to our "Music for Aardvarks" class.  


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